ANJCS Chinese School Special


This special training session was coordinated via a partnership with the ANJCS and Ving Tsun Kung Fu Association Americas to bring an accessible, alternative, 3rd party culture class offering for students attending Chinese School. This session aims to benefit the Chinese School by increasing their offerings, as well as our school, by bringing in new and passionate young students to learn our very special system. Our training session is legitimate, and nothing will be held back from students.

Signup and Eligibility

The Chinese School Special is limited to students who apply via their local ANJCS Chinese School. The limited capacity of this class is 20. Rosters will be sent from the Chinese Schools so that we can confirm the membership of the student. Students and their parents/guardians are responsible for paying the registration fee at their local ANJCS Chinese School prior to having a valid membership at our school. If the students and their parents/guardians fail to pay the registration fee or the monthly membership fees, their membership will be forfeited to the next eligible student.


The $50 monthly membership fee provides the student with an exclusive, 2 hour training in which they will have full access to the entire curriculum of the Ving Tsun Kung Fu system. Progression strictly depends on the development speed of the student. These sessions will be no different from my other classes that I offer. We hold a very strict, no BS policy. We do not do belts, tests, or have any hidden fees. Students are expected to show up on time, train hard, and respect their fellow classmates and any guest/substitute instructors.


This promotion does not apply for any session other than the session listed at 11:30AM-1:30PM. If the student would like to attend another session, they will have to pay the membership appropriate to what they would like to attend. Students are allowed to take advantage of another promotion that they are eligible for.