March Updates and a Sudden Trip to Hong Kong

Hello Everyone,

Some updates on the school. Things have been running regularly and smoothly (thank God) since the grand opening. People have been coming in consistently, training hard, improving, and we even got some new people.

We have several avenues for advertising the school right now. Now that we have a facility that is opened 6 days a week and is spacious enough, I would really like to get more people through the door to make better use of it. We are currently on Yelp, Google, Facebook, Thumbtack, Bark, etc.

We have also started implementing the Open Trial Session starting this month. This will be a regular open-house of sorts. People who are interested in trying the system out can do so without much scheduling on their end. They just have to check the 2nd Saturday of each month and see if they can clear out some time. I think this should make things simpler for most people.

Now comes the big news, I will be going to Hong Kong from 3/15/2019 - 3/25/2019

Not going to leisurely reasons, but rather, for a family emergency. I doubt I will have much free time, if any free time at all. However, during whatever free time I will have, I’ll be paying my respects to the people and Ving Tsun community of Hong Kong. It is the Mecca of modern Wing Chun history. During this period, the school will be ran by capable, senior students. I will be here to facilitate up until I have to get on my flight. I will resume control as soon as I return. I’m sure the school will be fine in their hands.

Best Regards,

Brian Kwong

Grand Opening - Complete

Hello Everyone,

We had a very successful Grand Opening last night, thank you for those of you who are reading this that came out to show support.

As of tonight, the school will be fully operating on the regular hours. You can find more information under the locations tab for East Brunswick.

Please also take a look at our promotions page, as we are running a current promotion for our Grand Opening period.

I hope to see you soon. If you would like to try the system, please send me a message in our contact tab.

Best Regards,

Brian Kwong

We have a scheduled Grand Opening date!

Hello everyone,

It is with great joy that I would like to announce that our scheduled Grand Opening date will be January 1st, 2019. If all goes smoothly within the next two weeks, all approvals with the township and all renovation work should have been long done by then.

Of course, if there are any changes that occur during this time that would impact this grand opening date, then I will update everyone here, as well as our social media accounts.

You will see changes gradually occurring on this site to reflect the many changes that are coming with our new facility. There will be pricing, scheduling, and policy changes. I believe that there will be more flexible options for everyone out there, to make your training dreams a reality.

I also want to mention that I will also be giving a heavy discount for those who sign up within the first two months after our grand opening. Every membership tier will have a price slash to reflect our grand opening promotion. I encourage those of you who have been interested in starting to take advantage of this as soon as you can, as I do not think I will run another promotion like this in the foreseeable future. These promotional rates will apply for life, which is what will make these promotions so special. I will even keep these promotional rates even if you want to upgrade or downgrade your membership.

I hope to see you all very soon, after we open.

Best Regards,

Brian Kwong

We are moving!

Hello Everyone,

I figured there is probably no better topic to post here as a first blog, since it is the biggest thing we’ve done since opening March 2017.

If you are new here, we were previously sub-leasing in Old Bridge. The location and venue was great, but after careful thought and consideration with students and even my own teacher, it was time to part ways. We are looking forward to growing from our small operation to a fully-fledged, Ving Tsun hub by the end of the year, where we will be hosting classes for 6 days a week.

The new location will be in East Brunswick, New Jersey. It is one of the most central locations in the state, which will make the commute fair for pretty much anyone coming from either direction. East Brunswick also has access to major highways such as Route 18, Route 9, Turnpike, as well as the Garden State Parkway. All of which are very close-by. Once the lease is finalized and I sign, I will officially post the address here. Until then, we will continue to be hosting regular classes and training sessions at our temporary location in Freehold.

We will also be running a promotional signup period, where everyone can sign up for a reduced price. Please be on the lookout for when we run this promotion. I will be commencing it from the day we open, for 2 months.

To all of you who are interested, who haven’t had the time to join, please be on the lookout for further updates. Please also consider donating to our GoFundMe, which will help us cover a lot of the initial expenses of building our school, so that we can build the best facility possible.

Thank you,