Recommended Tools/Equipment

Very little equipment is needed for Ving Tsun training. If anything, omitting any excess gear like jewelry, accessories, fitness trackers, etc. might actually help. However, there are going to be times where it may be in your best interest to make a few purchases for tools. We could perhaps make these purchases as a group to save money, but if that is not an option, the following tools are simply things I would recommend you having that may make life a little easier down the road as a Ving Tsun practitioner. I will also be providing Amazon links wherever applicable. You don't have to purchase what is in the link, but something comparable will help.


  • Training Attire
    • You have the freedom to choose whatever you want to wear to class. However, it is highly recommended that you wear clothing that you are comfortable moving in. Also, any jewelry will have to be removed during the class since they are likely to cause unnecessary injuries to yourself and your training partners. T-Shirts, hoodies, sweatpants, shorts, etc. are all recommended. However, Ving Tsun is a very realistic system. Coming in any attire to train is also fine.
  • School-Branded Attire
    • We do not sell membership items or any form of paraphernalia. However, we do sometimes do runs of athletic clothing that we only sell to members. This isn't a necessary purchase by any means, but it does create a little bit of school pride/school unity.


  • Finger Tape/Finger Binding
    • Once you start getting a little faster and a little more proficient with Ving Tsun, this will be among one of your most regularly used tools. Binding your fingers across their second joint and prevent dislocations that will happen much more than you think. With chaotic, unpredictable movements at higher speeds, your fingers could easily hit something at the wrong angle and leave their joint socket. This has happened to me personally. You can use finger tape, boxing tape, medical tape, a Velcro strap, electrical tape, or anything else within reason.
  • MMA Gloves
    • I personally do not use gloves for bag work at all, simply because being able to punch something without hurting yourself is a basic skill you should have as a fighter. Wearing gloves provide a very false sense of security. However, gloves are important if you get to the point where full-contact sparring is occurring. This is not so much to protect yourself, but to protect the classmate that you are potentially hitting from having to suffer the blunt force of your knuckles to their body parts.
  • Mouthguard
    • This is in conjunction to the MMA gloves listed above. However, this purchase would be for yourself, since I would assume that keeping your teeth tightly in your gums in their current alignment is within your best interests for dental health.
  • Flat Shoes
    • Ving Tsun is a flat-footed style. Having shoes with big rubber soles that keep you off the ground does not help. A flat shoe will allow you to stick a little closer to the ground, have a ever so slightly lower center of gravity, and allow you to really dig your heels into the ground when attacking.
  • A bag to put everything in
    • Obviously


  • Groin Cup
    • This is something I would almost require of you once you start getting into any drills involving a partner and kicking. Even though you may think you can endure a hit to the groin, if you accidentally have some sort of a popped blood vessel in that area and it goes unnoticed, it could cost you your life. A small, one-time fee and mild discomfort is a very fair price to avoid potential, accidental death.


  • Chest Plate/Chest Protector
    • This is certainly not required even if you are a female practitioner. However, I must warn you that a critical part of learning Ving Tsun is to check each other for mistakes. Under most circumstances, you are expected to test to see if someone is performing an error or not. For such drills, we have the partner punch your chest to confirm that they are not chasing your hand and are punching on-target. If that is something that you do not think you are comfortable with, getting some sort of a protector will make it a bit easier for the other practitioner to perform their duty, regardless of their gender.


At some point along the way, if you decide to stick with Ving Tsun, you will be faced with weapon training. While there is no real need to go out and purchase a weapon that you will most likely never use, there are training versions of weapons that are very helpful for practicing on your own as well as using in class so that you do not have to depend on lending someone else's set. Weapon training is crucial for your development after completion of the empty hand forms.

  • Butterfly Swords
    • You will want to look into getting a good training pair. This could be done in bulk potentially, but in the meantime, any pair within your budget that is NOT sharpened will do.
    • Armguards will be the next recommended piece of equipment. Metal and plastic training swords may not be sharpened, but from clashing, they will become serrated and could cut your arm. Having an arm-guard on could save you from getting a very nasty cut.
  • Dragon Pole

Training tools

  • Wall Bags/or Traditional Punching Bag
    • Bags are important because they are dead partners, they let you hit them as hard as you can as much as you can. Having a wall bag that doesn't swing gives you a target to really practice launching attacks and getting very solid feedback. A punching bag will swing and will work for timing exercises as well.
  • Suspended Speed Ball
    • There are balls that are suspended on string that work really well for learning timing and reaction speed. These are absolutely not necessary. If you want one, you can get a very fancy one online, or make one yourself with a tennis ball and some nylon string from a site like eBay.
  • Wooden Dummy
    • The training tool that is not only a sign of dedication, but also wealth. Dummys for our purposes have to come in very specific measurements, they take up a lot of space, are extremely expensive, and could potentially be high maintenance. If you are interested in getting one, please consult me first.