Ving Tsun Kung Fu School - New Jersey

Student Policy

(Last Modified: 08/29/2019)

Injury waiver

Students waive their right to hold Ving Tsun Kung Fu School - New Jersey, its staff,  and its students, liable for injuries incurred during classes.

Bruises, scuffs, cuts, soreness, etc. are all part of the learning experience in Ving Tsun and all other martial arts, and it is likely that you will experience some of this during your Ving Tsun career. Please be aware that the school is not held responsible for any injuries and this document acts as a waiver. To better protect yourself, please refer to the Recommended Equipment and Tools page on our website or reach out to Brian Kwong for recommendations on how to stay safe and protected when training. It is in your best interest to make some form of an investment for your own safety and the safety of others.

More information about pricing can be found on our  training  page. Schedule can be found by location via our  locations  page.

More information about pricing can be found on our training page. Schedule can be found by location via our locations page.


All potential new students are entitled to a 2 hour free trial to the system (subject to change). A public free trial session is held on the second Saturday of every month from 9AM-11AM. Public trials are recommended, but private trials can also be scheduled.

Single Sessions are offered as no-commitment classes for those who cannot attend regularly and cannot commit to being a monthly student. They are a one-time payment and will only be good for the day of the class. Single Sessions are only to be paid on the day of training.

Regular Monthly Students are expected to show up to class regularly on Saturdays and go through their membership cycle every four weeks with the exception of class cancellations. A grace period of 2 weeks is given on top of every monthly tuition payment in case of absences. Membership starts as soon as tuition is paid, and any classes left unused after the 6 week mark since payment date will then be expired. Students are expected to pay prior to starting class, unless if arranged otherwise via Brian Kwong.

Friday Night Training Sessions are informal training sessions. They are offered exclusively to students who commit to monthly memberships or private training. They are not designed to replace regular class sessions, only to supplement regular training as extra practice time. If a student starts using unofficial training sessions instead of Saturday training for more than 4 weeks, the training session attendance will count against regular classes.

Extended Membership Plans are offered for students who would like to commit for periods longer than a month at a time. Please inquire with Brian Kwong for more information.


In this school, membership is not attendance based (with the exception of certain membership types). The school is opened regularly throughout most of the week, and most of the year. If you miss a training session that you originally planned to attend, you have plenty of opportunities to make that up throughout the week. Membership begins immediately on the first day of training following the free trial (if applicable). Memberships are to be paid on-time every month on the same day that you joined.

By joining this school and signing this agreement, you are agreeing to pay your monthly membership on your scheduled date, every month.

General Policies

As a student, you agree to the following:

  • Abide by the instructor’s instructions.

    • Brian Kwong is the instructor of the school unless if he has appointed someone to substitute for him. Ving Tsun is a very difficult system to learn and its challenges can make certain aspects of it very slow and daunting. Follow the instructions given to you because they are important to your development.

  • Train consistently.

    • Regular training and dedication are the only ways to improve your Ving Tsun. There are no shortcuts or secret methods towards improvement other than regular, sustained hard work. Ving Tsun must become a part of your lifestyle. It is in your best interest to not waste your own time or the time of the school by failing to train on a regular basis.

  • Respect your fellow students.

    • As a student, you will have seniors and juniors. Both will bring a lot to the table and both will ask a lot from you. Be respectful to these training partners because they may be your greatest asset in training. Treat your classmates like family.

  • Respect the facilities we train in.

    • Our school should be treated like your home. The facilities that we train in should be kept in the same condition as when we entered (if not in a better condition). Students are expected to clean up after themselves and assist in maintenance of training facilities when asked.

  • Respect the tools we train with.

    • The tools we train with range anywhere from knives/swords, long pole, wooden dummy, punching equipment. These tools are to be respected and only used as they are intended.

  • Train hard and train with no ego.

    • There is no point in training a martial art if you are not going to give 100%. This is also a Chinese Martial Art system, it is likely that you're going to experience some pain and injuries on occasion. A lot of our drills also require you hitting your training partners in a controlled manner, and vice versa. There is no place in Ving Tsun for ego. Hitting and getting hit is a very natural part of learning.

  • Unauthorized teaching of this system outside of Ving Tsun Kung Fu Association Americas and approved affiliates is strictly forbidden.

  • Acceptance or denial of any student is a right reserved exclusively by Brian Kwong. Should Brian Kwong find that there as been a violation to any of these policies, he can choose to terminate your membership at any given point for the safety and integrity of the students and the system.