Free Trial

A free trial is offered to anyone who has not tried the system, or even our lineage in particular. To see if what we do is a good fit for you, please take advantage of this offer to try out our system for free, no strings attached. Come for a full training session, ask any questions that you may have, and decide for yourself with no pressure.

Free trials must be scheduled. Please check our calendar to get up-to-date information on when these free trial sessions will occur and fill out this form to confirm or schedule a private trial.

Regular Training

The average training session is 2-3 hours long. Every session will be slightly different based on the needs of each student and how quickly students progress, but the training regularly includes:

  • Forms

  • Core Drills (fundamentals to Wing Chun)

  • Movement and Reaction Drills (drills designed to certain behaviors)

  • Light Sparring/Free Form Training (if student is at the appropriate level)

Please refer to our Locations tab for more details on location and scheduling.


Basic Membership - $100 per month

  • The basic membership allows you to choose one class that is offered out of the regular weekly schedule. Great for beginners or for people who are trying things out. In the event you cannot make it to your scheduled class, you are allowed to reschedule to another class. Limit 1 class a week.

Standard Membership - $120 per month

  • This membership allows you to choose 2 days out of the week for training. This will include both morning and evening classes. In the event that you need to reschedule your class, you can choose any other class in the week.

Full Membership - $150 per month

  • This membership allows you to train whenever the school is open. This includes morning classes, evening classes, and even pays for some special events. For those who are very passionate about improvement and would like to not only support themselves, but fully support the school.

For more information, please visit our Student Policy page. To see our promotions, please click here. Please feel free to contact us for more information. The best way to find out what membership works for you is to find out during your free trial.

Youth Class

Our school prides ourselves in our work ethic, lineage, and quality of training. Due to popular demand, a youth class has been added to reflect our system’s ideals, geared towards a younger group. Please visit our Youth Class page to get more details.

Private Training

Private training is a great option for students who want one-on-one time to specifically target certain areas in need of improvement. They are also great for students who have erratic schedules and cannot commit to our regular class offerings. All private lessons have to be scheduled beforehand, and work with the availability of both parties.


Private training is counted hourly. You may be given slightly more time or less time depending on your performance. Example: If you are very tired, or perhaps in pain, the session might end slightly short of an hour. If you are working on something specific and would benefit from a little more time, we gladly go over the one hour mark.

  • Standard pricing for private lessons are $50 hourly

  • Bulk pricing for private lessons are $200 for 5 lessons.

Please refer to our Contact tab for more information on private training.

PRice Varies

Seminar and training events are also available, but prices vary depending on arrangement. If you would like to book a training event or seminar, please reach out to me in the Contact tab with:

  • Your organization (if applicable).

  • Location of seminar/event.

  • Requested time of the seminar/event.

  • Purpose of seminar/event (if applicable).

Additionally, in-association seminars and events are held quite regularly. Please check our calendar regularly for more information on these events, including their venue and prices.

Seminar and Events